Avia City – the beating heart of Aviapolis

Avia City is home for curious innovators, keen cosmopolitans and constant visionaries. It is the place for futuremakers, venturesome globetrotters and dynamic networkers. At Avia City you can be part of bustling city life and breathe the international airport atmosphere 24/7, sharing synergies with other world citizens.

Avia City is a busy city centre and an oasis of international encounters where everything is near –from here, far-away cultures and major metropolises are within equally easy reach.

The heartbeat of Avia City will become even stronger towards the end of 2023 when the first apartments and offices will be given a finishing touch. The closing of the first construction phase will free new ideas, innovations and dreams and bring the entire city to life.

The bustling airport milieu, the Jumbo shopping centre and Finland’s biggest cluster of specialty stores at Tammisto guarantee an unmatched service offering in the immediate vicinity. The future  for Avia City will hold an even wider spectre of languages and cultures, local services and business activities.

The modern, sky-scraping office and apartment towers endow Avia City a unique silhouette and a promising setting for happy businesses – here you will be in the middle of everything. At Avia City, energy and vigour are laid in the very cornerstone and taken all the way up to the roof height.

Green deeds make happier people

Green is good in many ways – when people feel well, they are able to make new inventions and thrive. This is why the city structure at Avia City connects to refreshing green areas. The surrounding parks and recreation routes, forests and greenery plantings make people feel happy and relaxed.

As a Smart & Clean pilot the entire Aviapolis area is a world-class window to considering environmental impacts, new mobile solutions and a carbon-neutral way of life. We need to act now, since the future of tomorrow is made today.

One hour to Stockholm, two to Central Europe

From Avia City you can reach Helsinki city centre in a half hour, Stockholm in one hour and Central Europe in two hours. If you make an early start, you can have lunch at the London Bridge or the foot of the Eiffel Tower, even drop by at the fashion weeks of Milan. At Avia City you can enjoy the languages, cultures, voices, colours, views and tastes; dive, stroll, work or shop in the neighbours of the world where anything is possible.

Visibility for the small, space for the big

New ideas and innovations are created more easily when everyday solutions are first put to place. At Avia City, urban life meets business in a way that gives your company entirely new potential for growth. Excellent traffic connections of the airport and top-level business contacts guarantee companies the best outlook to the horizons of the future.

It is up to you to decide where you want to create new – Avia City offers modern and flexible solutions for it.

Your home in the neighbours of the world

The residents, services and companies of the unique Avia City live in the deepest core of the  international atmosphere. Languages, culture, colours and feelings – everything you ever want, the whole world on the palm of your hand.

Your mobility is ensured

Morning in Avia City, noon in the capital city, evening in Italy. Walk or ride the bike, train or car – excellent traffic conditions of the airport will take you anywhere in no time. Never again will distances be an obstacle to business.

Be among the first arrivals 2023

The keys to the brand-new apartments and offices will be handed out to the adventurous users in autumn 2023. Will you be among the first to leave a handprint in the city of the future?