Privacy policy of LAK Real Estate Oy – customer and marketing register
23 May 2018

Below is a combined description of the register and presentation of the information required under Sections 10 and 24 of the Personal Data Act (523/1999) and Sections 12 and 13 of the General Data Protection Regulation of the European Union for the customers, potential customers and website users of LAK Real Estate Oy.

1. Data controller

Thank you for your interest in our business spaces and services. To ensure the service we need some information on your company and the contact persons in your company. We will handle the information with the same care as our own: we want to be worthy of your trust.

In this privacy statement we strive to describe, as openly and clearly as possible, how we will handle your information. Take your time to familiarise yourself with the information. Feel free to contact us if you have anything to ask at all.

Contact details:

LAK Real Estate Oy (2852087-6)
Rahtitie 3, 01530 VANTAA, Finland
Jari Harapainen
(hereinafter referred to as ”we”)

Contact person for register matters
Maria Luoma

2. Those registered

Customers (contact persons)
Potential customers
Website users

3. Purpose and basis for handling personal information

The purpose of handling personal information is
– to deliver and develop our products and services
– to fulfil our contractual obligations and promises
– to manage our customer relations
– to organise events
– to analyse and profile the customer or other registered behaviour
– electronic direct marketing and
– targeting of the company’s and other parties’ online advertising

We use automatic decision-making (including profiling) to identify personal profiles, online behaviour, age groups and consumption habits. We use this information for purposes such as advertising targeting and development of our services.

The basis for handling personal information is our legitimate interest based on our customer relation and/or other appropriate connection, the fulfilment of an agreement, and consent.

4. Information to be saved in register

The following information may be saved in the register:

Information Customer Potential customer/website user Purpose of use
Name* x x Personalisation/maintaining contact
Telephone number* x x Maintaining contact
E-mail address* x x Maintaining contact, CRM/targeting of communications
Role/job title* x x


In addition
– any direct marketing prohibitions and consents
– information on event participants and related information, such as dietary restrictions
– information concerning the customer relation and agreement, such as information on earlier and currently valid agreements and orders, a user profile formed based on the customer relation, recordings of telephone conversations, correspondence and other communications with the customer/registered person, cookies and data related to their use
– any other information collected separately by the consent of the data subject.

The provision of the information marked with an asterisk is a precondition for the establishment of our contractual and/or customer relation. Without the necessary personal information we cannot fulfil the lessor’s obligations, deliver any products and/or services.

5. Removal of information and storing period

We remove the customer information from the register when the basis for handling the information has expired with regard to the business relation or, if the data subject requires removing the information regarding themselves based on the legislation. The information is destroyed by overwriting when the basis for handling or storing it has expired. However, the information will not be removed, if the law prescribes otherwise, or if a competent authority has initiated a process that requires keeping the information or if some other party has requested a Finnish court of law to decide on safeguarding the data.

6. Your rights

You have the following rights which you can claim by sending a request to the address

Right to verify

You have a right to verify the personal data we have saved on you. Should you notice any errors or deficiencies in them, you can ask us to correct or complement the information correctly.

Right to object

You have a right to object at any time to the handling of your personal information, should you find that we have handled your personal information illegally or that we have no right to handle
some of your personal information.

Direct marketing prohibition

You have a right to prohibit at any time the use of your information for our direct marketing purposes. We never sell or otherwise submit your personal information to other parties in order for them to target direct marketing at you.

Right to erasure

Should you feel that the use of certain information regarding you is not necessary in view of our tasks, you have a right to ask us to remove such information. We will consider your request, after which we will either remove your information or notify you of a justifiable reason why the information could not be removed.

Should you challenge our decision, you have a right to file a complaint to the data protection authority (instructions for filing a complaint). You have also a right to claim restricted handling of disputed information until the matter is solved.

Right of complaint

You have a right to file a complaint to the data protection authority, should you find that we are violating the valid data protection legislation while handling your personal information.

7. Regular sources of information

We obtain information on potential customers by their own consent received in connection with their website visit or other personal or digital interaction.

8. Disclosure of information

In principle, no information is disclosed to any parties outside LAK Real Estate Oy. Some information may be selected and forwarded to a targeted marketing campaign carried out by a third party based on the data controller’s assignment. The ownership of the information is not transferred to the third party from the data controller, neither has the third party any right to use the information for purposes other than the assignment.

The personal information can be processed by a third party on our behalf when we carry out marketing campaigns. We also use other subcontractors for handling personal information on our behalf. We have outsourced IT management to an outside service provider who manages and protects the server on which the personal data is saved.

9. Transfer of information outside the EU

When possible, we have chosen such data centres for storing your information as ensure data security and are located in Europe. Some of the above-mentioned service providers may organise backup copying of the information outside EU/EEA in the United States. The information is backed up in order for them to be secured also in case of failure of the primary servers. Thereby your information remains protected, since we have made sure our service providers are members of the Privacy Shield programme between the EU and the United States (https:// The purpose of this programme is to guarantee secure handling of the information of the Europeans in the United States.

10. Register protection principles

Safe handling of your personal information is important to us. We take the following precautionary measures to protect the security of your information:

The system can only be accessed by entering the username and the password. The system is also protected by fire walls and other technical means.

The information saved in the system and contained in the register can only be accessed, and is only entitled to be accessed, by certain employees of the data controller who have been appointed in advance.

The use of the register is protected by user identification, passwords and access rights.

The register is located on a computer which is placed on the data room server to which unauthorised access is prevented.

The data contained in the register are located in locked and safeguarded spaces.

The register is backed up at a regular interval.

11. Cookies

Cookies are text files which the browser saves on the user’s device. Cookies are used when there is demand for saving data of the user as they move from one website of the Internet service to another. You can read more about the subject on the website of the Finnish Communications Regulatory Authority.

We are using the Google Analytics and Leadfeeder -services for analysing data. This tool is used, for example, for monitoring the traffic on our website.

We also use links and connections to third-party websites as well as social media extensions such as the LinkedIn social media connectors. The third-party connectors download from their own servers possibly using their own cookies. Such services or applications offered by third parties are subject to the conditions of use issued by the respective third party. We benefit from cookies also as an auxiliary marketing tool.